Dog Obedience Training

Four Training Tips For You and Your Dog

You just adopted your brand new dog. You need to start the training as soon they get in the door. You cannot wait. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to train them later.

1. What Is Off-Limits?

You need to set some boundaries right away. Make sure your dog knows where they are allowed and not allowed to go. In a way, you are training a child. You set clear boundaries for your kids, right? You should do the same for your dog. What happens when he gets out of line? Let him know that he did something wrong. It is the only way he or she is going to learn.

2. Their Own Room

Your dog needs his or her own "doggie den." Your dog needs his or her own space. You have yours, right? Your dog is going to benefit greatly if he has a place that he can call his own. They cannot spend all their time with you. They should not have to. Use a small room that no one else is using.

3. Nervous and Unsettled?

Your dog is going to feel very nervous and unsettled when they get home. Your home is new to them. Give them a chance to feel at home. It might take a while, depending on the dog. Make sure they know where the food and water dish are. Let your dog get their food and water when they are ready. You can reward them for their good behavior.

4. My Dog Is A Biter

Yeah. You are going to want to get that habit out of your dog as soon as possible. Some dogs are biters, as are cats. Get your dog a toy to bite on. That could solve everything. Get to know more about dog obedience training come visit our site.